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Previously known as #INS2U stands for Insurgency 2 United
A hosting group consisting of players who deserve respect for both their skills and integrity.

Lambda hoster hobby

Trying to offer to DOI & INS community a better place to play.
Hi i've been playing Insurgency since open alpha in 2013 and Day of Infamy (previously called mud & blood) when it was a mod on Insurgency steam workshop.
I've always try new content on modded server so I've decided to host my own server this is my first try.
Along the way i've been helped by INS & DOI community.
Created Insurgency 2 United (INS2DOI) fan club with Extra-Life modding spotlight!
Since I'm hosting exclusively on Source engine mostly multiplayer PvP so far.
I wanted with SourceCoop which is a cooperative plugin for Black Mesa standalone achieve an emphasis on co-op campaign this time!
Sourcecoop was initially a workshop mod then became a standalone set of plugins for Sourcemod allowing player to join without any 3rd party package required outside of owning base game.
Concerning side projects:
Resistance & Liberation and Fistful of Frags mods being hosted on others servers instances initially made for friends with lower budget was more an extra nostalgia thing let's say. Military Conflict: Vietnam , DarkZero:Revolution and Franco's server are servers projects friends requests where i bring my knowledge and helps in areas where i'm useful generally speaking.

Monitoring 24/7

Support and patchfinding across servers to be always run and balanced according to community feedback. I take into consideration fan request as mentionned on Patreon page and always allows people to interact on our Discord.

Taking a break from this..

Due mainly to some lack of motivation, personnal issue with active life and financial issue to maintain project despite some old lovers who donated accross years and gave me feedback, i recently decided to PAUSE hosting project. If one day NWI decides to bring back those gems (DOI+INS) with some kind of free Steam events to boost back community remaining i will eventually reconsider the facts in the meanwhile it's backup time! EDIT: (link below)

A huge thanks to previous Donators!

Patreons & Paypal donator were highly appreciated so far!

We do stuff

Side projects in synergy with some old friends

Customization modded!

I with the help of community feedback try to adapt and tweaks servers according to reviews! With an emphasis on Source modifications..

We connect people!

The right place to meet new people sv_alltalk 1!


OFFLINE as of now

Side projects (close collaboration)

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